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Sharpening Service for Saw Blades • Router Bits •

Cutters • Metric Boring Bits • CNC Router Tooling

Properly sharpened tools increase productivity

and provide a high quality finished product.

Each saw blade we receive for servicing begins with a thorough cleaning and inspection in order to determine what processes are required. All cracked, missing or chipped teeth will be replaced as needed. All excessive wear or damaged blades will incur additional charges. Once blades pass inspection, they are sharpened to exacting tolerances on our state of the art equipment. Blades must then pass a final inspection and are dial indicated one last time to ensure perfect concentricity. Blades are coated with oil to inhibit corrosion, dip sealed in plastic and then returned to you. Dado sets are precision ground to ensure a perfectly flat cut. Hollow face blade service is also available. National Tool Service, Inc. offers a wide variety of blades from Amana, Everlast, FS Tool, AGE and others. Our experience, equipment and attention to detail will provide you with exceptional quality.  
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